Galaxy Energy Solution

Galaxy Energy Solutions, is an organisation that intends to bring to India products that are energy efficient and environmental friendly. In our effort to keep this planet green and optimise resources, we aim to bring cutting edge technology to our country. In this direction, Galaxy ENS brings HYDROMX, a nano technology based product that results in energy savings for use in closed loop hydronic systems. 

Galaxy group established its name with export of stones like sand stone, limestone, quartzite, granite and marble under Galaxy Impex (an ISO 9001-2000) since 1989. We export stones to more than 96 countries across 6 continents. Having set foot strongly in the international market, we aspire to create a strong base in domestic market as well. In this direction STONE STUDIO by Galaxy is our flagship application oriented stone retail showroom in Jaipur and Delhi. Light Studio, a unique LED light showroom and Artefacts Studio, displaying imported artefacts collection are our initiatives to meet our aim of providing one stop architectural solutions.

Apart from this Galaxy Real Mart is our realty division, which focuses on developing world class townships with complete amenities and facilities at a reasonable price. 


Providing solutions that help commercial outfits become energy efficient in their daily processes.


To ingrain energy efficiency and sustainable growth in Indian Industrial development story

What has made us opt for this deviation from our traditional business is the growing concern over protection of this planet we call ours. Being businessmen, we have always acknowledged the fact that economic growth is largely due to thriving industries and SMEs that provide immense opportunities for people in this nation. Arresting this growth will leave our economy far behind and this chase to realize our dream of being a developed nation can affect the planet we hope our coming generations can enjoy. Hydromx presented an opportunity to be responsible towards our planet and give back to it while we are making progress to achieve our individual goals.

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