• Corrosion Protection
  • Calcification Protection
  • Bacterial Protection
  • Burst Protection down to - 50 Degree C

Hydromx® delivers complete peace of mind by protecting your heating or cooling system from the damage associated with water alone and from water based bio-hazards too. This is backed by our 8 Year warranty and global product liability insurance with commercial and domestic level protection.

Water is normally used in heating and cooling systems because it is cheap - but it is not the most efficient heat transfer fluid. It also attacks the heating system through corrosion and calcification, reducing efficiency and creating sludge and blockages. Hydromx® has independent test reports that confirm Hydromx® does not harm systems and protect system.

ACE insurance (World 2nd largest insurance company) has evaluated and trusted and insured Hydromx®. Additionally, European bank of Reconstruction and Development Bank /TURSEFF has evaluated and trusted us.

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