Testimonials from users of Hydromx®

"The system has delivered energy savings of more than 35% and we have observed effective protection of the system with no additional maintenance."

"We are delighted that our football club is the first in the UK to use nanotechnology to cut our gas bill and carbon emissions by 30%. Having seen the benefits of this energy saving solution at first hand, it's not hard to imagine the contribution Hydromx and its nanotechnology can make towards the reduction of carbon emissions in both domestic and commercial buildings. Thank you again for bringing this revolutionary technology to us." Read letter.

Operations Director, Forest Green Rovers
Head of Special Projects, Ecotricity

17 March 2014

"After months of testing I extremely excited to report the results were better than expected. We installed Hydromx in two critical 20 tonne Dry Cooled systems and have found an overall saving of 35%".

Chief Engineer, Data Centre Application
Major Satellite Broadcast Company

9 January 2014

"The Hydromx Energy Saving Solution was applied to our heating system in budget year 2009/10 and the system has operated normally since that time with no negative effects. The system has delivered energy savings of more than 35% and we have observed effective protection of the system with no additional maintenance."

Lieutenant Vedat Öz; Turkish Air Force Base
6 December 2010

"The Buyuk Club installed 8,000 litres of Hydromx on 24th June 2011 after seeing its success at Tüpraş (See Case Study). The system is running without any negative effect on the systems, including aluminium fan coils, proven by regular Ph controls and no reported problems. Club authorities report that from the application date to today, average energy saving is between 25% - 30%."

Buyuk Club Authorities, Cercle d `Orient
10 September 2012

"Government Lodgings, belong to the administration of Ankara Provincial Governor, is heated by diesel fuel and after application of Hydromx energy-saving solution, 25% saving is observed. For this reason I congratulate and wish all the best for future studies."

Ankara District Governor Bilal Çelik
1 April 2010

"Before the application of Hydromx the consumption was 92,400 kWh and after only 72,000 kWh per month, a saving of 22% on cooling energy consumption as well as a reduction on cost of maintenance and conditioner. We are thankful to Hydromx team for offering this product to us."

Carpet and Spinning Mill Production Manager
19 March 2012

"Hydromx solution has been purchased and put into our systems in co-operation with your company and significant efficiency of the system has been observed. At the same time being an environmentally friendly product and reducing the cost of maintenance on the system are important details worth to be considered."

Ministry of Culture Museum
31 October 2010

"Since the application of Hydromx on 15th December 2011 to our heating systems 30% saving rate has been observed on natural gas consumption compared to the previous year, for the period 15th December to 30th May. Additionally, no abnormality has been observed on the systems. I would like to thank you on behalf of our organization."

Adnan Otuken Public Library, Library Director
June 2012

"It has been found that Hydromx Energy Saving Solution has provided 37% saving in our natural gas costs after its application to Belpas Centre Office by your company in 24th November 2011. Additionally, we have been very pleased by the fact that this product prevents lime, reduces the corrosion substantially and increases the economic age of the product as well as being Turkish invention. We at Belpas would like to thank all the scientists and Hydromx team who have brought the Hydromx Energy Saving Solution to our country and wish all the best for their work."

Sakarya Metropolitan Commercial Company
BELPAS General Manager

12 March 2012

"Hydromx is used in our university’s heating and cooling system. After the application, there has been significant improvement seen in both the fuel and maintenance costs."

Bahcesehir University/Secretary General, Mr. Ziya Alpay
2 November 2010

"Since the Hydromx application has been made, it is observed that a significant reduction in the amount of natural gas has been consumed in the heating system and significant savings are being achieved. In addition, the product is standing out by favour of having no harm to the heating system."

Administrative Board Member of Ilkem College
4 March 2009

"We have commenced using Hydromx in the closed circuits of our 300 solar energy panels. It is observed that efficiency of the system increased up to 30% with Hydromx. I am pleased to note that after the tests, we have conducted on boiling and freezing points of solution, it significantly increases the efficiency of the systems. Consequently, we have decided to use Hydromx in all of our systems. In accordance with this decision I am pleased to declare that we will use this solution for our other 300 solar panels as soon as possible."

Gold City Hotels and Resorts
Technical Coordinator Ahmet Mutlu

1 March 2010

"According to the fuel comparison made in the boiler system of two separate flats in our province’s 75th Republic Child Care centre, the flat that uses Hydromx solution is found to have provided 28.66% saving compared to another flat that does not use Hydromx."

Prime Ministry of Turkey
Social Service and Child Protection Agency Director

17 February 2009

"We have being using Hydromx in our heating systems; we have observed +3 degrees increase in our comfort temperature, and 25% saving in our LPG consumption."

Istanbul Tennis Club Authorities
16 April 2010

"We have commenced using the Hydromx Energy Saving Solution on 25th September 2009 and compared two large scale urban social housing blocks which have the same boiler heating system. We have measured the natural gas amount that is spent in one week and compared the two blocks. There has been 26% saving provided in those pilot flats."

Turkish Republic Mechanical and Chemical Engineering Institute
Tarik Pehlivanli / Managing Director and Ihsan Kurul / Product Manager

7 December 2009

"The application of the Hydromx Energy saving solution on “ERENSAN THE HEATING ENGINEER” branded hot water boilers which are manufacturied and sold by our firm, met the requirements for the heating system when the solution is in the right ratio and contributes to the protection on the mechanical parts of heating system."

Atlantic Group – Erensan Boiler Manufacturer
Customer Relations and Service Manager Cevat Islik and Purchasing Manager Tufan Koc

21 June 2010

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