The Lalit is a chain of 5 star deluxe hotels, having 9 properties across India. 1000 liters of Hydromx has been installed in their hot water generator and the energy savings of 33% has been realized.

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CLUB MAHINDRA, Designed in the haveli style of the region, with views of Thar. 180 Liters of Hydromx was installed in their Hot Water Generator resulting in 40.37% savings with ROI of less than a year.

Hamworthy - Boiler Manufacturer

Hamworthy Heating is a leading British manufacturer and supplier of commercial heating, hot water and renewable energy solutions with a proven track record in product innovation. They installed Hydromx in their offices and measured an energy saving of 30.9% for space heating.

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FGR - Forest Green Rovers

Forest Green Rovers is the most sustainable football club in the UK. Total floor space is 2,900 sq m heated by two 70kW Potterton boilers and a Glow Worm 15hxi boiler. In total 1,200 litres of water circulate through 73 radiators. 29% energy saving achieved.

Belpas - Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality

Several buildings used for local community social and administrative purposes. Boiler sizes 24-60kW serving mild steel radiators through PVC pipes. Future plans for Hydromx installation in 24,000 cu m bus terminal.

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The Turkish Air Forces - Erzurum Military Air Base

Heating systems for large aircraft hangars have been in use with Hydromx for 3 years and provided a return on investment in less than 2 years. The area has a harsh climate, with long cold winters and short summers.

Cercle d'Orient Büyük Kulüp

Heating and chilling systems for a complex facility used by 7,000 members who include politicians, senior bureaucrats and distinguished people from the world of business, science and the arts. Hydromx has been installed for over 2 years and produced energy savings of 30%.

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Residential Care Home

A blue chip provider of care homes across the UK has completed a pilot using the Hydromx energy saving solution; with their in-house energy analysts verifying a 21% energy saving in a high demand 24 hours 365 days per year care home. The installation process was carried out in just two days without any disruption to the residents or staff of the care home.

Student Accommodation

A major provider of student accommodation in the UK education sector achieved 26% energy saving over a year-long trial using Hydromx. The 3-storey accommodation block comprised 23 flats and 160 bedrooms and was heated by Hamworthy Wessex 3x50 high efficiency boilers.

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Kocaeli University (Republic of Turkey)

Comparison of chiller performance of Hydromx heat transfer solution at ICRENKOY-CARREFOUR AVM. Carrefour AVM a multi-national retailer operating throughout Europe has, under the management of Bainbridge Holding A.S who provides technical services to Carrefour AVM, completed a pilot project lasting one year where the Hydromax Energy Saving Solution was used in the chiller system of the Kozyatagi shopping centre.

HBO - Data Centre Cooling

A TimeWarner company, Home Box Office, Inc (HBO) has installed Hydromx® to improve the efficiency of their data centre cooling in Hauppauge, New York. HBO is the world's most successful pay-tv service and a major satellite broadcast company, their data centres are mission critical. The implementation of Hydromx came after HBO completed a 6 month study of the product and HBO are now looking at many more projects with Hydromx, including heating in large corporate buildings.

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