What is HYDROMX® ?

Hydromx® is a revolutionary heat transfer fluid that contains Nano-ThermoTM technology. Hydromx® uses stably suspended nano-particles to increase the speed of heat transfer, by heating up (or removing heat from) the fluid and transferring energy in a shorter amount of time, thereby requiring significantly less energy.

Hydromx® uses leading-edge Nano-ThermoTM Technology and a protected formulation to improve heat transfer. It rearranges the molecular structure of the fluid improving thermal conductivity and works in concert with the room/radiator thermostats and the boilers controls to reduce energy consumption

Key Features

  • Operating range of -58 °F to +250°F
  • Up to 35% savings vs water/glycol
  • Return on Investment within 2 years
  • 100% Freeze Protection
  • Reduced carbon emission
  • No equipment change is required
  • 8 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • 15-20 years of life expectancy
  • Non-corrosive
  • Increases equipment life
  • Recyclable
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Non-flammable or explosive
  • Academia supported
  • 100% Insured


Hydromx® is most suitable for closed-loop heating and cooling systems where efficiency will be achieved by diminishing run-time of associated equipment. Hence drastic increase in equipment life will be established along with less maintenance expenses. Boilers and Chillers are the best examples of where Hydromx can be used.

Higher thermal conductivity of nano particles will increase the heat transfer rate. No matter what the energy source, or how efficient the boiler or chiller is, Hydromx® improves the efficiency of the whole system by transferring energy more effectively.

Successful employment of Hydromx® will lead to lighter and smaller manufacturer components going forward.

Scientific Specification

Hydromx Measurement Parameters


Hydromx (100%)

Hydromx Solution
with  tap  water* (50%)

(Use of Product)

Colour (at 20° C )

ASTM D 1500



Odour (at 20° C )



pH (at 20° C )

ASTM D1287

8.20 ‐8.80

8.20 ‐8.80

Concentration (at 20°C)

Refractometric measurement


Total Suspended Solid (TSS)

TS 9546 EN 12880


Dissolved oxygen (mg/lt)

SM-­‐4500 OG


Humidity Weight

TS 9546 EN 12880


Freezing Point

Potential diferences reading by multimeter, under application of liquid nitrogen.



Boiling Point

Heating in atmospheric conditions and, temperature measurement by thermocouple



Vapor Pressure
(at 25°C )

ASTM d6378 (at 25°C )

DVPE : 2.9 kPA
ASVP : 3.8 kPA

Vapor Pressure
(at 50°C )

ASTM d6378 (at 50°C)

DVPE : 8.3 kPA
ASVP : 9.6 kPA

Vapor Pressure
(at 80°C )

ASTM d6378 (80°C)

RVPE : 6.7 kPA ASVP : 10.1 kPA

RVPE : 36.4 kPA,
ASVP : 39.0 kPA

Density (g/cm³)

Pycnometer (at 25°C )



Electrical Conductivity
(City Water 401(µS))

Conductometer (Hanna Branded) (at 25°C)



Total Fe (ppm)
(City Water: 0.069)

Atomic Absorbtion Spectrometer



Dynamic Viscosity
(Pa.s)  (at 20°C)

Malvern Bohlin Gemini II Rotational Rheometer

2.5 10ˉ² 7.2 10ˉ³

Kinematic Viscosity
(Pa.s) (at  20°C )

Dynamic viscosity divided by density

2.228 10¯² 6.76 10¯³

How it Works

The Hydromx® Revolution

Hydromx® uses leading-edge Nano-ThermoTM Technology and a protected formulation to improve heat transfer. It rearranges the molecular structure of the fluid improving thermal conductivity and works in concert with the room/radiator thermostats and the boilers controls to reduce energy consumption. By transferring heat more efficiently the system heats up more quickly. As a result thermostats turn off sooner and the boiler modulates or changes its on/off cycle to save energy. There is a lot of complex science operating at the nanotechnology level, but in summary it really is that simple!

What Academia Says about Hydromx?

Hydromx® is an organic substance has properties similar to water, specific heat close to water but in terms of heat transfer, it actually conducts heat much better than water, reaches target temperature quicker than water, respond time more than twice times a water. It is noticed that in different temperatures Hydromx® reacts and starts to transfer heat in one minute while water took five minutes to react and reach the same temperature. That is a respond rate of five times better than water. The particular properties and the molecular connections of the nano-particles within the fluid, enables it to create agitation that is disturbing the film layer on the surface and creating turbulence on the heat transfer surface. We have noticed, when it is in the pipe, you can clearly see, it is behaving almost like a refrigerant you will see a that Hydromx® agitating the fluid movement and it is very important to see that one phase going up and one phase going down and that enables Hydromx® to transfer heat much better.”

“We did perform an experiment whereby the Hydromx® heat transfer capability was examined in relation to water by placing the one side of two tubes (one with water and one with Hydromx®) in 60°C. We did observe that within 10 min, the other side of water reached 34°C while the other side of Hydromx® reached 55°C Although the comparison of the measurements themselves of the thermal conductivity and viscosity of water with Hydromx®, do not justify this temperature difference, we do believe that this difference is attributed to the presence of nanoparticles in Hydromx®. Nanoparticles, upon turbulence, provide an alternative enhanced way of heat transfer that is much higher than that of water.” (Prof. Marc Assael, Aristotle university of Thessaloniki, Faculty of chemical engineering, 2013)

Why has this not been done before?

When the scientists responsible for the Hydromx® Energy Saving Solution started their research it became obvious that there would be many obstacles to overcome before a commercially viable product would exist that could be marketed worldwide. The first problem was to ensure that any heat transferring solution worked in both new and existing heating and cooling systems. To achieve this Hydromx® has been designed to be compatible with all the system components that are commonplace and used in millions of homes, offices, hotels, hospitals and more. These include boilers, pumps, valves, pipes, pressure gauges, expansion vessels, heat exchangers and controls, and therefore all the materials from which these are made, for example; steel, iron, brass, copper, nickel, aluminum, plastics and rubbers. A further consideration was that any successful method of transferring heat needed to protect the heating system from deterioration due to corrosion, scale and sludge and from becoming less efficient from vaporizing (steam) and freezing due to frost. Hydromx® has this heating system protection built into it. It was also recognized that, particularly in the 21st Century, any heat transferring solution must be safe and non-harmful to man and the environment and therefore the Hydromx® Energy Saving Solution that has been produced is a non-hazardous, organic and biodegradable solution which is environmentally friendly. Achieving all these objectives in a heat transferring solution has taken many years of painstaking research which is why no one has produced such an innovative and exciting product as Hydromx® before now.

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